Community Outreach


Shop at Food City with your ValuCard from August through April and for every $10 that you spend on Food City Exclusive Brands, RMS PTSA will recieve 1 point.  The points add up to Food City School Bucks.  The more shoppers that sign up, the more we get.  Register your card and select Robertsville PTSA.  You must renew every year.  Registration starts August 1st.


Shop at Kroger with your Kroger card all year long and RMS PTSA will receive money through the Kroger Community Rewards® program.   Sign up and select us.  You must renew your selected organization every year starting in August.


Food City/Kroger


Box Tops
  1. Find Box Tops on participating products.

  2. Clip the Box Tops from each package.  Please make sure the date has not expired!

  3. Send the Box Tops to your school.

  4. The Box Tops coordinator will count and mail the Box Tops.

For more info, please visit 



Staples Rewards

Give back to your teachers with every Staples® purchase. Imagine all they can do for their students with that extra money.

Select your teacher, enter your receipt and they will get 5% back on all eligible purchases made from 5/19/19 to 9/15/19.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to collect your own rewards.



Do you shop online at  Sign up at Amazon Smiles and designate Roberstville Middle School PTSA as the organization that you would like to support and Amazon will donate to RMS PTSA 0.5% of the value of your elibigle purchases.

AMAZON SMILES: Link your account @


Don't forget to start your purchase at the Amazon Smiles page.  You can still use your Amazon or Amazon Prime account defaults.

Amazon Smile


 RESULTS For 2019-2020

Box Tops $145.40



Food City earned $394


Kroger earned $4391.59


Donation Drive $7240.52


Spirit Wear Drive: $1250.09



UT-Batelle Employee Matching: $900

Amazon Smile $150.28